Friday, January 12, 2007

Tribix 2.1.2rc released

I'm pleased to announce that Tribix 2.1.2rc is released.

Several main changes in this release involve:
1. Updated POI dependency to 3.0-alph3.
2. Added support to read emitter configs through rendering options per task.(Note this is only available for later BIRT2.2 series)
3. Better border support for PPT emitter.
4. Background image support for PPT emitter.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

RTF Emitter 1.0.0 preview released

I'm pleased to announce that RTF Emitter 1.0.0 preview is released. This release is part of the Tribix main project.

1. Basic rtf output support for BIRT.
2. Support specific page ranges for ouput, e.g. "1-3", "odd", "1,3,5-7".
3. Support export page body only(e.g. not include page header/footer).
4. Support disk-cache option for large report.

For more details, please visit the Tribix project site.